Current Projects

Current Projects

Direct to consumer genetic testing and privacy concerns

Cystic fibrosis and the involvement of children in health research

Women's health and the vaginal microbiome

Patient experiences of asthma

Biobanks and biomedical data sharing

Inflammatory bowel disease and the involvement of children in health research

St. Michael’s Cystic Fibrosis Study: Experiences of Research Participation of Adults who have Cystic Fibrosis


Past Projects

Public deliberation on explosives, the environment, and microbial genomics 

Sequencing the salmon genome: a public deliberation


Past Honours Thesis Projects

Promotion of the HPV vaccine on Canadian webpages

Risk communication and genetic testing

What does quality of life mean to residents in southern Ontario?

How do youth with chronic illnesses mange their condition in social interactions?

How do women understand hygiene and product use related to women's health?